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24hr to Apple event: what do we expect from the presentation on September 10

September 10, 2019

All invitations have been sent, the Steve Jobs Theater in California has been booked, the devices are ready for their debut. Already on September 10, the annual autumn presentation of Apple will be held. Tonight, you can see all these actions live. In the meantime, 24 hours before the event, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest leaks so you know what to expect. At the event itself, the tagline of which is “by innovation only",  you and I will most likely be shown t...

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iPhone XS and XS Max come in eSIM dual SIM. What does this mean?

October 03, 2018

Perhaps you heard the about the eSIM in 2017 when Google introduced the first phone to use the technology, or maybe you have heard about it only recently during Apple’s latest iPhone product launch. We all know that Apple has released eSIM versions of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Now what does this entail? What exactly an eSIM is and how it is different from the usual physical SIM card? The eSIM explained eSIM is basically an embedded SIM i.e. an embedded subscriber ident...

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Apple iPhone XS and XS Max unveiled - 5.8" and 6.5" OLED screens

September 20, 2018

Apple iPhone XS Max The largest iPhone in history has been unveiled - iPhone XS Max with an expansive 6.5” AMOLED screen. Bezels have been removed, however the notch remains. The new tall screen has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and has the same width as the 5.5” panel on the iPhone 8 Plus but comes with extra length. This new "Super Retina" display achieves the same 458ppi pixel density of the iPhone X by bumping up its resolution to 1,242 x 2,688px. The screen's touch sensing layer runs...

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The new Apple iPhone to feature iOS 10: what to expect

July 07, 2016

There are many already many talks on the upgrades coming to the iPhone. Although there are not major upgrades to the iPhone, you should expect to see many minor improvements and tweaks for the upcoming device, among which is the iOS 10. According to the California smartphone giant, the beta version of the software will be publicly available and customers will be able to get their own – free of charge – come September. Apple has introduced 10 points that will see the launch of the iOS 10 and...

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Android vs. iOS, Apple vs. Samsung, iPhone 6S vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

May 18, 2016

The Samsung S6 and iPhone 6s comparison Many if not all would argue that iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6 are the best smartphone flagships of 2015. Now that the year is ending, we had plenty of chances to actually use them and thus issue a trustworthy comment on these gadgets. A lot of end users would claim that it’s all about your personal preferences as to the operating system. That sounds true, but we still want to dig into the main features and their advantages/disadvantages. Design Gala...

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