Order Cancellation

What if I want to cancel my order after placing and paying for an order?

  • If your order has not yet been dispatched, request for cancellation is possible as long as we can stop the shipment (not guaranteed)
  • If your order has already been dispatched, cancellation is not allowed. To request for a cancellation, please contact us

What happens if I changed my mind after product has been dispatched and choose not accept the delivery when it reaches my door?

Cancellation is not possible as we cannot stop the shipment to you and it will be delivered to you. If you still decide to cancel the order or not accept the delivery at your door, we will apply policies for Change of mind under our Return policies.
In the event that the shipping company is not able to deliver successfully in 7 working days for any reasons, it will be shipped back to us. In this case, we will also treat these cases as Change of Mind in our return policies.
For the details, please checkReturn – Change of mind