International Products

What are International products?

To offer the best deals and wider variety of products to customers, we source our products from around the world and offer them to you. This means that they may not be 100% customized for local market so please check the specifications are accepted by you before making purchase. Please contact us if you need any help on this issue.

  1. Firmware differences - There might be differences in firmware as compared to a local set which may result in compatibility issues with usage in the intended country. This usually applies to radio frequency transmitting devices like mobile phones. In some cases the mobile phone might not be compatible with your local operator platform.
  2. Safety Mark - The product may not carry the necessary safety marks as required in by each different country. Although they have already been tested for safety and approved by for use at another destination.
  3. Warranty - The warranty are covered by Etoren. Customers may be required to ship the product overseas to our service centre for warranty claims.
  4. Local Compliance - The product may not be tested and/or authorized by local authorities, although they are already approved quality products by tested by manufacturers.
  5. Instruction Guide/packaging/Accessories – They may not be in local language or design or as per official version available in you country. .eg Instruction manual, adaptor plugs, supplied accessories like USB or headphones etc.
  6. Packaging variances – On some occasions, there could be minor variances of packaging (eg, local stickers attached, free gift insertion to box) depending on country origin of product. However, all products are guaranteed to be perfectly brand new.

Can I request for specific origin of source of product when I order?

Since we constantly source our products from different countries around the world, we are not able to accept request to ship specific country versions of the product you ordered.

Why does the price of the products on Etoren website fluctuate through time?

As Etoren is an international seller, we keep our prices updated constantly to be relevant with changing market conditions. Price changes may also happen when a promotional offer starts.