The new Apple iPhone to feature iOS 10: what to expect

July 07, 2016 Apple iOS iPhone News

There are many already many talks on the upgrades coming to the iPhone. Although there are not major upgrades to the iPhone, you should expect to see many minor improvements and tweaks for the upcoming device, among which is the iOS 10.


According to the California smartphone giant, the beta version of the software will be publicly available and customers will be able to get their own – free of charge – come September. Apple has introduced 10 points that will see the launch of the iOS 10 and here they are in order:

  1. Bigger emoji and bubble effects for messages

According to Apple, the most frequently used app on the iPhone is the Message app. To make it more convenient for you, Apple is introducing bigger emoji and prescriptions for emoji as you type and live preview photo feature. You will now be able to view rich links in the Message app and turn emoji to text with one tap.

A new bubble effect is coming with the new OS so that you can make your text 'soft' or 'hard'.  You will be able to see message in full screen mode and enjoy handwriting support too. In the message app, a swipe will now reveal some words or images that were previously out of sight.

  1. Calling will be more pleasant

This is another upgrade coming with iOS 10. You can now read voicemail messages you have if you can listen to the recording, very good feature for a busy person. The contact card on the iOS 10 has a new feature, which will allow you to flip between different ways of contacting your loved ones (for example switching for WatsApp to email). Additionally, you will be able to make video calls with voice-over-IP applications such as Skype.

  1. HomeKit is coming with iOS 10

The HomeKit is Apple’s platform for monitoring and controlling your smartphone. iOS 10 will come with a dedicated app for controlling all your HomeKit devices in one place. There is also a nifty feature, called scenes, which will enable you to bundle settings so that you can activate or deactivate all of them at once. According to Apple, the apple also supports Apple TV so that you can operate it from your smartphone.  

  1. Apple News

The iOS 10 will come with a standalone app for receiving news in one portal. It will support subscriptions and you will be able to view news in category when they are delivered to your phone. You will get news delivered to your phone even if it’s in lock screen. In addition, you will be able to view the news by topic of your choice. Even though it's launched only last year, Apple is poised to amend the weaker aspects of the app.

  1. Improved Apple Music

Although it has not received a total overhaul, you will be able to get your downloaded music easily and navigating around will be simpler. The app sports an embed lyrics feature that will allow you to sing along your favorite songs and you will get curated playlists based on your favorite music.

  1. Improved Map feature

The map feature is getting an overhaul with iOS 10. The Map app is now able to warn you when you approach traffic and then suggest faster routes you can take. Operating the map software will also be easier as the UI has been improved and less complicated. Another worthy note is about the app is that it will make recommendation automatically on nearby bars, restaurants and so on.

  1. Photos becomes more emotional

To compete with Google Photos, Apple understands that it has to come up with extra features to make its photo app useful. Therefore, the photo app is one of the apps that will receive major upgrades.

You will now be able to enjoy smart recognition and automatic tagging in the photo app. It will be able to bunch of pictures based on location or date and a new feature called Memories, which will allow you to stick together items from a particular event.

  1. Get extra help with assistant

While Siri is now going to integrate into more apps, there is going to be something for the Keyboard too. Apple is ready to extract as much information on your typing behavior through Siri to bring further improvement to how you type on your smartphone. This will ensure the autocorrect feature will be able to work out what you are trying to say before you finish typing.

Another option is that calendar events and related contact information will come up just when you need them. Accordingly, typing on the iOS 10 should be better and more enjoyable than before.

  1. Siri, where developers can now hang out

Before, it wasn’t easy to have access to other applications aside from those produced by Apple itself. Now, you can order an Uber ride or summon WatsApp, and a whole lot of applications. Overall, Siri will be able to handle more and bigger tasks unlike before. Just as Google Now has been integrated deeply into Android and its app, Apple is looking at making the same changes to iOS 10. This is a welcome development for developers and end users alike.

  1. New user experience with iOS 10

Apple now has its own version of Always On feature on Android phones – picking up your iPhone is sufficient to view all your notifications on the Lock screen. The widgets and notifications have also been redesigned so that it is now sleeker and modern. With this new OS, the way you interact with apps will never be the same, especially from the lock screen. The Control Center has also been redesigned and improved for an improved user experience.


Nothing beats having all the features you want in a phone in the proportion you want. Google has been a very good competitor with Apple. Since Apple is ready to stand up to the challenge, we expect to see many upgrade and new features as evident in this article. Accordingly, iOS 10 will bring a new and improved user experience for Apple fans.