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Top 5 Best Full-Screen smartphones

April 16, 2019

Starting from 2017, smartphone manufacturers began to massively get rid of the framework in smartphones. At first they reduced them evenly and then began to completely remove them, leaving peculiar islets for placing cameras and sensors on them. Although for the last two years now everyone has been making smartphones with these notches, many people still prefer devices that have simply thin frames. The cuts in the screens sometimes do not allow to display very important information on the displa...

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Samsung Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and A50 - review, specification and key feature

April 10, 2019

Budget smartphones are simply a goldmine for any company. Although every reputable manufacturer wants to show all his best practices implementing them in flagships, it is the budget segment that shows who is who. After all, most of the people cannot afford top devices with a price of about $ 1,000, whole $ 100-300 is the most popular range. Today's article will be devoted to just three such gadgets, Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50, that cost 100+, 200+ and 300+ dollars respectively. Let's ...

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Samsung Galaxy S10E - almost like Galaxy S10 but smaller and cheaper

March 12, 2019

In late February Samsung held a large presentation of new smartphones such as Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus as well as a cheaper version of the top devices called the Galaxy S10E. The latter has become a kind of response from the brand to the iPhone XR, which also turned out to be the most affordable device among the iPhone in 2019. Like the iPhone XR, Galaxy S10E received flagship hardware, but at the same time it turned out to be less lagging behind the flagships of the S10 and S10 Plus than the iPh...

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Samsung Galaxy S10: review of Samsung flagship 2019

February 22, 2019

The anniversary generation of Samsung smartphones simply could not be a failure - you simply can’t make a mistakes during the presentation of the 10th generation of the flagship line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. At the event in San Francisco, Koreans scored a full ride by presenting several smartphones at once: Galaxy Fold - the world's first commercially bending smartphone, three phones from the Galaxy S10 family and one special version of Galaxy C10 with support for 5G networks. In gen...

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New smartphones lime up from Samsung - Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30

February 07, 2019

Samsung is expanding to fight Chinese manufacturers in emerging markets. Samsung's world domination in the smartphone segment can be interrupted as early as 2019 - Huawei breathes in its back, whose positions are only growing stronger. The whole line of budget smartphones Galaxy M will correct the situation - three smartphones (M10, M20 and M30) will be presented on January 28 in India. Samsung's budget triple has a number of features that set it apart from other low-cost smartphones. Let's take...

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