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Etoren starts sales of Xperia X 64GB Dual Sim version!

June 07, 2016

Hi guys, we at Etoren are happy to make available Xperia X 64GB dual sim (F5122) version for sale! The Xperia X 32GB single sim (F5121) and Xperia XA will be also open for sales in few days. We will send out notice to all customers who registered to out mail list once we open it. Visit our site for more information on the new models and don't forget to check the compatible bandwidth for your network operator using our Phone Network Check tool  ...

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Sony accidentally leaks Xperia E5 on Facebook

May 25, 2016

Just a couple of days after the 'Xperia E5' moniker leaked, Sony Mobile accidentally revealed its upcoming smartphone, the Xperia E5, via a post on its official Facebook page which has since been deleted. The company has revealed the first official render of the handset, showing off both the front as well as back of the device.  "Eager, effortless, and easy on the eye - it's everything a smartphone should be. Say hello to your savvy new sidekick, Xperia E5," read the caption accompanying the i...

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Is Sony stopping Xperia C and M series to just focus on X series?

May 24, 2016

In February this year,  Sony reportedly pulled the plug on its Xperia Z series. A few months after, it seems the Japanese company decided to also send its C and M series to the recycle bin. According to a leaked slide presentation, the company may be interested in its Xperia X series rather than the other now dead series. At this moment, there are no official statements as to why, but as fans, we are hoping that the company has the best in store for us. Moreover, another leaked presentation --...

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Sony Xperia XA Ultra is official - 6inch display with a 16 MP OIS selfie camera

May 21, 2016

Sony added another member to the X series. Sony Xperia XA Ultra, features a whopping 6-inch 1080p display for customer who enjoys big size screens. This also means that the phone will have a pixel density of 367ppi. Building on earlier mid-range Sony "phablets" like the Xperia C5 Ultra, the XA Ultra brings a gigantic display to what should be an affordable handset. On the outside, the XA Ultra features a similarly good-looking polycarbonate body, with Sony's trademark symmetrical design language...

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5 best budget smartphones in 2015

May 18, 2016

5 best budget smartphones Who says expensive flagship phones have to be an immediate need? They are joy to the eye and give a great usage experience. But there are so many cases when you are more than satisfied with a very well done budget model: a new phone for a kid who tends to break them every now and then, a second phone for some specific purposes, and many others. It’s quite easy to choose a spectacular flagman with the cash at hand. But when the budget is tight, you want to have a good ...

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