Xiaomi Mi A3 - a review and specs of an incredible smartphone with a clean Android system on board

July 17, 2019 Android new-launch News Xiaomi

Xiaomi smartphones are loved by many users for their technical equipment, appearance, and accessibility. But there is something that fans of the brand love even more - these are Xiaomi smartphones on a pure Android system, which the manufacturer launches as part of the Android One program. The popularity of such devices is due to the fact that for small money users get a certain analogue of Google Pixel with monthly system updates. Particularly attracted to the fact that the owners of various Mi A are almost among the first to enjoy the new versions of the OS from Google. In 2019 Xiaomi will continue the tradition and once again release the device on pure Android - smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3. We do not know yet whether this model will be supplemented with versions of Mi A3 Lite or Mi A3 Pro, so we’ll tell you about the basic modification, everything is known.

Xiaomi Mi A3 – specs of the new bestseller

Not so long ago Xiaomi released two Mi CC9 and Mi CC9e. Already at the presentation of new products, many have guessed that the devices will serve as the basis for the creation of the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Mi A3 Lite (Pro). But after the authoritative sources clarified the information - the slightly modified younger model Mi CC9e based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor will act as the basis for the Mi A3. According to external signs, both devices will be twin brothers with identical design, dimensions and case materials (see photo).

The changes will affect first of all the display because the Mi CC9e offers solid specs but not the best screen with a resolution of HD +, which for 6 inches is clearly not enough. Xiaomi Mi A3 will get all the same Full HD + 6.09 ”matrix, produced by Super AMOLED technology and with a built-in fingerprint scanner under it. Only in this way will the Mi A3 model be better than the Mi A2, which offers a Full HD + IPS screen.

As for the processor, everything is pretty clear, even despite the new name. The differences from Snapdragon 665 to Snapdragon 660 is not so much. The main points lie in the new process technology (changing 14 nm to 11 nm is a big plus for autonomy), as well as the video-core (Adreno 610 is about 5% more powerful than the Adreno 512). But the main message lies precisely in power consumption, as Snapdragon 660 is very strong for 2019, but the 14 nm process technology is already obsolete and in battle conditions for every minute of autonomy, it clearly loses SDM665 from 11 nm.

Xiaomi Mi A3 will offer a solid set of cameras: the main will receive three 48 MP sensors (Sony IMX586 or IMX582), 8 MP (wide viewing angle up to 125 degrees) and 2 MP (depth sensor). If you have a worry on the sensors IMX586 and IMX582, then immediately calm down - nothing to worry about. The bottom line is that the 586th sensor can write video in 4K at 60fps, and the 582nd sensor writes the same thing, only with 30fps frame rate. Naturally, for someone, this may be an important disadvantage, but it is worth understanding that even those devices that have Sony IMX586, in most cases do not know how to write 4K @ 60fps. With regards to the front camera - Xiaomi Mi A3 will receive a solid 32-megapixel camera with face recognition function.

What pleased me, it is finally a large 4030 mAh battery, and with the support of fast charging at 18 W. Last but not list is the price - according to official data, Xiaomi Mi A3 will be presented in several EU countries on July 25. Preliminary cost - 230 euros. But you can be assured that it will be available at Etoren very soon!

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