The Much Required Camera Update For Razer Phone Rolls Out

January 07, 2018 Android News Razer

Razer phone is getting its much needed update for its camera. According to GSMArena, the 97 MB update Razer is now rolling out brings several welcome improvements to the camera and audio technologies. As stated on the change log:

Camera improvements:

  • Improved shutter speed in low light and when using HDR
  • Reduced noise and clearer shadows
  • Improved picture quality and better color cast
  • Crushed bugs and performance improvements

Audio improvements:

  • “Tweaked the knobs” for greater clarity during playback
  • Improved call quality for HD Audio
  • Fixed some issues with Dolby Audio

Smoothed out auto brightness luminosity.
Updated Arrival theme icons to a dark style.
Various other bug fixes.

The camera has been really terrible and is a major flaw. With this update, user can expect to have a better shutter speed in dim environments and when using HDR, be able to get reduced noise, clearer shadows and improved color cast. What are you waiting for? Update your Razer phone camera now!