The Apple Watch 2: Things that we know so far

August 30, 2016 Apple Rumours Smartwatch

The Apple Watch 2: Things that we know so far.

New Apple Watch 2 release date rumors hint at a September launch with the iPhone 7, and fresh leaks point to a thinner screen, fatter price and longer battery life.

A faster processor and a higher capacity battery will feature on the Apple Watch 2, along with the addition of a GPS radio (for tracking runs) and a barometer  (to measure elevation climbed). Apple Health, and associated running and exercise apps, will benefit from GPS, but it will reduce battery life while in use. Continuing, the Apple Watch 2 may have enhanced water resistance.

Apple Watch will retain the same screen sizes and thickness as existing models, with a similar form factor overall, despite adopting thinner display technology. The suspected Micro-LED panel as the new Apple Watch 2 screen instead of an AMOLED display used in Apple Watch 1 and rumor suggesting that Apple is switching to a space-saving "One Glass Solution." It eliminates the multiple layers involved in the current Apple Watch OLED and could make room for more battery life. But both a latest screen and extra power would come at a cost.