TCL reveals the new Blackberry "Mecury" with QWERTY keyboard

January 05, 2017 Android Blackberry New Launch News


Finally we get a look at the much rumored Blackberry Mercury. We will have to stay with the rumored name for now since they have not released specs, price, launch date and even the name. We should expect them to be out when BlackBerry officially announces the phone close to Mobile World Congress in February.

mecury keyboard

From what we can get so far, the Mercury has a QWERTY keyboard with capacitive gesture capabilities, similar to the physical keyboard on Priv, something many BB fans has been waiting for. That means you can swipe up and down, left and right on the keyboard to move through your home screen, or even scroll through apps. Embedded into the space bar on the front of the device is the fingerprint sensor. By putting the sensor onto the front panel it does away with the need to extend the bezel to accommodate it, minimizing the size of the phone and bezel

mercury softback

The phone together with the keyboard is smaller than a 5.5-inch phone, and that said, the screen is just about 4.7". BlackBerry hasn’t offered specific details yet, but the Mercury felt fairly chunky. As of most new phones released these days, it comes with USB Type-C port. The phone comes with a soft-touch back and it should be running on Android 7.0 Nougat. The interface looks almost stock Android but you will also find pre-installed BlackBerry apps, such as BBM, BlackBerry Hub, and DTEK by BlackBerry.