Sony's amazing new camera sensor shoots 1080p video at 1000fps

February 07, 2017 News Sony

Sony has yet announced a latest breakthrough in smartphone camera technology. 

Sony revealed its latest smartphone camera sensor which it says can shoot 1080p slow-motion video at a blistering 1,000 frames per second. In practice, that equates to footage that can be slowed down 64 times, and a solution to the worst problem with smartphone video. An induustry first, the new 3-layer CMOS sensor can capture slow motion video about eight times faster than its competition with minimal focal pane distortion, according to Sony.

Sony new sensor

The sensor can also take 19.3MP images in 1/120th of a second, which Sony says is four times faster than other chips, thanks to high-capacity DRAM, and a 4-tier construction on the circuit section used to convert analog video signals to digital signals

In short, it bascially means that Sony has just thrown every other camera in a smartphone into the recycle yard. The best an iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel can shoot is 1080p slow-motion video at 120fps, even that , they look dinosaur age compared to Sony's latest sensor. At 1,000fps it even surpasses the Sony RX 100 V, which can only shoot at 960fps.

Sony also released a sample video showing the kind of slow-mo footage you can expect to get from a smartphone with its sensor. The results are simply astounding: