Sony Xperia XZ is the hit model of 2016 2nd Half

December 23, 2016 Android News Sony

Apteligent reportAccording to report from Apteligent on the top new device launches of 2016. Sony Xperia XZ emerged as a suprise hit from models launched in 2H of 2016.

This puts it strongly ahead of the likes of Google Pixels, snap on transformer phone Moto Z, the feature-loaded LG V20, the powerful OnePlus 3T and the heavily promoted HTC Bolt (aka 10 Evo outside the US). We could also note that the Moto Z adoption suffered a drop after Black Friday.

Well, the Sony Xperia XZ seems to have hit the right note with a nicely built, designed and marketed device. For those who have adopted the Sony Xperia XZ, you can be sure you have picked up a good smartphone for 2016!


Source: Apteligent