Sony Xperia 1 - the most unusual flagship on the market with simply incredible features.

June 11, 2019 Android new-launch News Sony

Sony remained in the shadows for a long time, while competitors continued to attack the market with incredibly powerful flagships with advanced cameras. However, in 2019 and the Japanese manufacturer decided to buckle down and catch up. Company managed to get out of the current unfavourable situation, and at the same time change the naming of their own smartphones. Instead of the expected Xperia XZ4, the world saw the new Xperia 1 - so the company decided to show that it starts from scratch. And after all the truth, the novelty has received not only a new name but also one of the first among the flagships was able to show off the triple camera, as well as a display with a ratio of 21: 9, which is present only in Xperia 1!

Sony Xperia 1 - a new design, a new approach to smartphones creation.

Sony's devices have always tried to stand out from the rest, offering an angular design, symmetry, no teardrops or notch.  However, this time the company tried even harder and released not just the updated last year’s flagship, but created the device from scratch. If competitors can offer displays with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, 19: 9 or 19.5: 9, then Sony went further and decided to use the filmmaking standard - an aspect ratio of 21: 9. This led to the fact that the smartphone turned out to be very elongated and narrow. Naturally, such a solution is full of advantages, since more information is placed in the timeline, it is more convenient to work with two applications at the same time, it is incredibly cool to watch movies on such a display. There are also disadvantages - unadopted content with such aspect ratio leaves large black bars on the sides of the screen. Also, the display has a resolution of 4K at a diagonal of 6.5 inches, and its OLED matrix supports HDR mode.

Despite the fact that Sony is the number one camera sensor manufacturer, year after year the brand was scolded due to the fact that Sony’s smartphones could not boast of high-quality shooting. This was due to the software, which for Xperia 1 and all subsequent devices of the company, it was decided to rewrite. Moreover, the brand first used a triple photo module in its own device, although Sony is still a conservative. All three cameras offer a resolution of 12 MP, but the purpose of all of them is different. The first 12 MP sensor works in tandem with a conventional 26 mm lens, which also has an optical image stabilizer. The second 12 MP module already offers a 56 mm lens, which provides a double optical zoom and also optical stabilization. Finally, the third 12 MP module is responsible for wide-angle photos, because the focal length of its lens is only 16 mm. In addition, Sony Xperia 1 can do fast-shooting with a frequency of up to 10 frames per second and autofocus, as well as automatic exposure. Another flagship can take high-quality photos taken in low light conditions and create cinematic clips with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 at 24 fps.

Not without improvements the video capabilities of the device. So, Xperia 1 supports recording video in 4K resolution with support for many features, including the new Cinema Pro mode. It includes the functions of professional shooting, as well as editing videos using special pre-installed software on your smartphone. The matrix of the main camera has an 8-bit color space (10-bit with FRC), supports ITU-R BT.2020, DCI-P3 color space and work with standard Illuminant D65 light sources.

Xperia 1 is a music flagship. The device offers stereo speakers with support for Dolby Atmos and Dynamic Vibration System (sound is complemented by pleasant vibration), Hi-Res Audio, LDAC, DSEE HX technology and stereo sound recording. The company did not forget about the technology Side Sence, which allows you to control the gadget with the help of sips and tapes on the side faces of Xperia 1. As for artificial intelligence, he is responsible for setting up the device for the specific needs of each user in a smartphone.

The last thing to say is about the presence of the Xperia 1 flagship Snapdragon chip 855. This information, as well as data on the memory of 6/128 GB, we decided to announce last, because each flagship has this, but all those functions what we have described above is unlikely to be found in the majority of top devices. Therefore, the price tag of just over $ 900 for the Xperia 1 is 100% justified!

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