Sony extends X series with Sony Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact

September 02, 2016 Android New Launch Sony

Sony has just announced two new Xperia phones at IFA 2016 - the new flagship Xperia XZ and a new compact phone - Xperia X Compact.

The XZ comes in 5.2" IPS display on the Xperia XZ, keeping 1080p. It's got a Snapdragon 820 chip with 3GB RAM, top-notch connectivity options, stereo speakers, and 32GB storage with a microSD card slot. Sony keeps up with the upgraded USB scene with the new USB Type-C. Water-proofing is back after Z5 range while it did not stay in the already released X series.

Sony will release the XZ in three colours: mineral black, platinum and forest blue, a particularly cool and premium colour. 

Xperia XZ

One of the main places Sony’s focused on is the camera. The new Xperia XZ is its main 23MP camera with f/2.0 lens. with a newly developed a new IMX300 sensor for the XZ and X Compact, which offers a new autofocus system. The camera is reportedly able to use color detection, phase detection, and laser-assist to measure distance correctly and track intelligently moving objects. Sony calls this Triple Image Sensing and its task is to provide always accurate focus for your images and videos.

For video, the camera includes five-axis image stabilisation so you need never shoot blurred movies. And the front camera has a 13-megapixel sensor, more than many phones’ main cameras. It has a wide-angle lens for group selfies.

Sony developed a special system to increase the long-term life of the battery. Instead of charging to full, it pauses at 90 per cent and tops it up to 100 per cent at the last minute, recognising patterns in behaviour (like the way you always get up at 7am, say) so that it tops up the charge just before then. The company claims this trick will double the battery’s lifespan, a very welcome feature for all consumers.

While every phone maker is going for big screens, Sony keeps to its belief that is always a loving demand by customers who wants something more pleasant on the hands and pockekt. What is nice about Sony's compact phone is that their small phone is always almost as premium as the big one.

X compact

The Xperia X compact may share some DNA with the XZ, but it is more towards a Compact Xperia X which the name suggest. This means the same Snapdragon 650 hexa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. Behind a 4.6" 720p display this chipset would deliver the same graphical performance as a Snapdragon 820 would behind a 1080p matrix.

Compact comes with the same improved camera features of the XZ.There is no 4K video on the Xperia X Compact like the XZ and instead of the new 13MP selfie camera, the X Compact features a 5MP front snapper. Other upgraded specs like the XZ are the USB Type-C port and the adaptive fast charging overnight.

The Compact will be released this month while the XZ in October. Sony is standing out on this release with usual slick design, outstanding cameras, useful waterproofing, long battery and strong performance. The Xperia XZ's revamped design, especially in its forest blue colour, looks and feels tremendous. The smaller Xperia X Compact also looks great and the inclusion of almost premium features in a smaller sized phone is what many manufacturers decided to skip.