Samsung's AI chips head to outstrip Huawei & Apple later in the year

January 18, 2018 News Samsung

Samsung is not letting itself get fallen behind in the latest trend of AI-focused chipsets in the mobile world and is working hard on a neutral processing unit (NPU) of its own. Apple and Huawei have already introduced us to their AI chipsets last year, namely the A11 Bionic & Kirin 970.

Even though the company only started developing its NPU in the later half of last year, some sources in Korea claim that Samsung has already that caught up with Apple and Huawei in technologies, and will produce chips superior to Apple’s and Huawei’s in the second half of this year. With the NPU, a Samsung smartphone will be able to process, analyse and store data without a cloud server.

The company only started developing its NPU in the second half of 2017, which is the reason for the delay compared to its competitors.

There are high chances Samsung is going unveil its some of its NPU capabilities at MWC next month, in Barcelona either with the open presentation or a 'behind closed doors’ event. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be first handset to come with Samsung's NPU and that is set to launch sometime in September.