Samsung's $2,000 foldable phone to come in early 2019

September 14, 2018 Samsung News Android

Samsung is working on its new foldable smartphone and it's not the only phone maker to do so. It appears that Samsung has invested a large amount of R&D money in the project in the past few years and is now striving to launch a completed product in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X schematics

A working concept has been shown behind closed doors during the CES 2018. The device is expected to be launched as Galaxy X.

If industry sources are to be believed, the Galaxy X will cost around $1,850 and will go into production sometime in November - in preparation for the 2019 launch.

With such an expensive price, the Galaxy X can be expected to attract a large number of early tech adopters like hardware geeks. These foldable OLED displays will probably get affordable and well within comfortable reach of many regular consumers after some amount of time.

The phone's screen is expected to be 7.3" when opened and 4.5" when folded. We will know more details during February's MWC 2019.