Samsung Galaxy S8 - leaked images of coming model from Samsung

January 19, 2017 Android News Rumours Samsung

The highly anticipated Samsung S8 is coming about with many speculation, rumours and concept images. However, we may finally be seeing a glimpse of the Galaxy S8 through the officail source.

Samsung's display-making arm, Samsung Display, may have accidentally revealed the design of the Galaxy S8 – on its official YouTube account.

Samsung display launched a series of videos promoting its new AMOLED displays, in it we managed to catch a featured smartphone with svelte bezels and no physical Home Button. 

After years of tradtional home button, Samsung looks like they will finally ditch it in place of on-screen virtual buttons. In the war to increase screen size and decrease bezels, it is understandable that Samsung is taking this approach to dramatically shrink the bezels at the bottom of the device.

Looks like the design is so far matching the rumoured leaked images we have seen so far.