OnePlus 3 vs. Samsung S7: The Battle of the Titans

July 07, 2016 OnePlus Reviews Samsung

The Samsung S7 is the best smartphone so far. Can the OnePlus 3 contest with it?

The Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus, has been producing very interesting smartphone for many years. These smartphones usually come with high-end features and they usually offered at mid-range prices. There are a many features on the OnePlus 3 that we can compare with the Samsung S7. That is the aim of this article.

Phone design

Generally, most of the smartphones released this year don’t come with lot of options in term of design – the same thing applies these two smartphones. The two phones have the same aesthetics and as well as the now popular metal-and-glass build. The Samsung S7 much smaller than its counterpart as it weighs 152g, measures 142.4mm x 69.6mm x 7.9mm, and comes with a 5.1-inch display. The OnePlus 3 on the other hand is bigger, thanks to its 5.5-inch screen. It measures 152.7mm x 74.7mm x 7.35mm and weighs at 158g.


In term of RAM capacity, the OnePlus 3 comes with a 6GB RAM as against the 4GB RAM on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The OnePlus 3 is clearly a winner here. However, Samsung S7 is available as 64GB or 32GB (which can be expanded with a microSD card) and both phones are running the Qualcomm 820 CPU Octa-core processor. This opens two options for you: if you are looking for a smartphone with more RAM space, you can go for the OnePlus 3. However, if you like the idea of a phone with more options in terms of storage, then Samsung is the phone.


Samsung Galaxy S7 uses the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology – which you are familiar with – while the OnePlus 3 comes with Dash Charge technology as the company calls it. According to the company, Dash Charge technology can give your phone 60% battery boost in as little as 30 minutes.



The strength of the Samsung Galaxy S7 prep on its camera capacity and it would certainly be difficult for the OnePlus 3 to beat it. Most of the Samsung Galaxy series have been impressive on camera capacity. Looking at the print on paper, we could say the OnePlus 3 is a winner as it comes with 16MP as against the 12MP on the Samsung Galaxy S7. As far as performance is concerned – especially in low light – it is difficult to say which would outperform the other.


The two smartphones sports fingerprint sensor and each one with their own version of Android – TouchWiz in Samsung S7 and OxygenOS in OnePlus 3 respectively. While the Galaxy S7 stays with the current USB-C standard for connection port, the OnePlus 3 features the new USB-Standard. While Samsung S7 is water- and dust-proof, the OnePlus 3 is not. Therefore, choosing the Samsung Galaxy S7 gives you have extra safety if you are going to be spending more time outdoors with your phone.