New Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL breaks DXO mark record

November 10, 2017 Android Google New Launch News

Oct 4th is the big day for Google announced launch of its new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL


The main Pixel 2 follows the closest to its predecessor in terms of dimensions and shape, with a 5-inch 16:9 display but keeping the larger bezels of yesterdays. It gains dual front-facing stereo speakers but loses the headphone jack. it is IP67 water and dust resistance, has an improved 1080p OLED display and an upgraded processor Snapdragon 835, along with a 2700mAh battery. Pixel 2 comes with 4GB of RAM with an option of 64GB or 128GB storage.

The Pixel 2 XL is largely the same, main difference you can find is Gorilla Glass 5 with beveled edges (3D Arc Glass) and smaller bezels which gives it a longer 18:9, 6-inch 2880x1440 pOLED display. Inside, there's a 3520mAh battery along with the same CPU and RAM specs.

Though both Pixel 2 screens are AMOLED and compatible with Daydream VR, though we noted that Pixel 2 XL's is using a slightly more vibrant using P-OLED technology from LG. 

Additional feature, Google put an eSIM inside the new phones, which will be used with Google Fi and other carriers. They did keep the nano-SIM slot for countries who are not implementing esim technology as yet.

The camera department scored a record DxOMark Mobile score 98 beating, unseating Note 8 and iPhone 8 plus. The set up is improved by addition of optical image stabilization (OIS) to augment the existing electronic stabilization. There's still a 12.2MP rear camera sensor, with 1.4μm pixels, laser and phase-detection autofocus, all with an f/1.8 aperture. 

The Pixel 2 comes in three colours "Kinda blue" is exclusive to the smaller pixel, alongside a white (with a black front) and a black option. The Pixel 2 XL comes in just black and a black/white back combo.