LG set to unveil a new full screen LG G6 with "no bezel"

February 07, 2017 Android LG News

LG looks set to unveil a new smartphone with edge-to-edge display at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month on 26 February.  

An official press invite has been sent out showing the image of the LG G6 that seemingly features a screen that covers the entire phone - with no bezels around the edge.

Lg G6

Many manufacturers have been trying to work out how to reduce the size of the bezels, so they can increase the size of the display without making the phone itself any bigger.

And the invitation suggests that the LG is finally waving goodbye to the rim of the phone (bezels) with the G6.

This is backed by a source from LG who revealed that that the QHD+ LCD panel used “has reduced bezel width by 0.2mm (20 percent) on top, and by 0.54mm (10 percent) on the left and right sides, compared to conventional QHD LCDs.”

The invitation also included a diagram resembling a smartphone display with an 18:9 aspect ratio - which suggests this might be the dimensions of the phone itself.  

It is unclear how the LG G6's full-screen display would work - whether the whole thing would be touch-responsive, or whether the image on the screen would simply be projected right to the edges of the device.

It suggest that LG will be removing as many ports as possible from the edges of the device - like the headphone jack, for example. Any buttons will most likely be located on the back of the device.