Huawei looks set to annouce the rumoured P10 flagship at MWC

February 15, 2017 Android huawei New Launch News Rumours

huawei p10 mwc

Huawei has confirmed that it's debuting its upcoming flagship handset at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona through a mysterious . Unfortunately, it doesn't even show you a glimpse of the phone. What you do get are the words "Change the way the world sees you," along with a photo of a hashtag and two eyes. That could be a hint that the P10 will have dual cameras, just like the its own predecessor.


What we have gathered so far from leaks, Both P10 and P10 Plus will sport 5.5-inch qHD screen, with the P10 Plus having curved display like the Galaxy Note 7. P10 doesn’t have a rear fingerprint sensor but a physical home button, which means that Huawei might be moving it to the front. On the other hand, the P10 Plus looks to have has both of them. This could mean that the fingerprint sensor on the P10 Plus will be at the back and at the front it will be just a home button.

p10 plus

Of course the P10 will be keeping the dual-Leica camera like the P9 with a new ring flash, though the P10 looks that it will just keep the normal dual-LED flash. On the chipset, P10 will feature a HiSilicon Kirin 960 chip while the P10 Plus is said to carry a higher-clocked Kirin 965. We will know for sure what the actual make up will be once they reveal in at MWC at Barcelona.

Stay tuned guys!