Huawei Honor Note 8 annouced, competing Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Huawei just announced Honor Note 8 which is bigger than the Galaxy Note 7. The timing is perfect for Huawei to rival the Galaxy Note 7, offering a cheaper alternative to Note customers.

Honor note 8

Honor, basically a sister company to the Huawei, launched a 6.6-inch 2K resolution screen and 4500mAh battery Note 8. Both are significantly larger than the 5.7-inch display and nearly 3500mAh battery of the Galaxy Note 7. The device also sports a powerful eight-core Kirin 955 processor and 4GB of RAM.

The Honor's version of Note will be friendly to pocket of customers - they say that the price for the Honor Note 8 starts at only about $346 (£262, AU$457) for a 32GB model and goes up to about $421 (£319, AU$557) for a hefty 128GB version.

The Honor Note 8 is currently only known to be made available to China, but Huawei will have a special launch event in San Francisco on August 16, thet may also debut in USA and possibly also the same at events for UK and Australian markets.

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