Etoren ships replacement Note 7 - How to identify a safe Galaxy Note 7?

September 28, 2016 News Samsung

Safe Galaxy Note 7 replacement handsets have begun making their way back to consumers.

note 7 etoren

We at Etoren are supporting our customers to make replacement units. We have received the new Note 7 and started sending them to our customers. To help you identify the new, guaranteed safe Note 7’s from ones that may feature a defective battery. Please see the official guideline from Samsung.

1. Basically Samsung introduced a new GREEN battery icon as part of three specific software changes to the handset and it can be spotted in three different places.  

  • In the status bar,
  • When using the always on display
  • On the Power Off prompt screen when users long-press the power key.Note 7 green battery

However, please take note that this feature will only appear after a software update has been applied to the handset. For comparison, the original batch of Note 7 handsets feature a plain white battery icon.

2. The box also feature a little black square symbol, so that customers can check before leaving the store with their Note 7. The black square symbol is on the sticker with several barcodes on it on the packaging box. The exact position of the black box differs depending on the country version.

black box note 7

Please make sure you receive or buy only Note 7 sets with above features.