Essential Products rumoured Bezel-less phone teased by founder Andy Rubin

March 28, 2017 Android Essential News Rumours

Andy Rubin, as you may know, is a co-founder of Android, and he was in charge of the OS at Google until 2013. Rubin left the search giant a year later, and recently created a new company called Essential Products. Never mind that Softbank reportedly pulled out of planned 100mil investment in Essential. 


News of the company working on a  pressed on and became nearer to reality now that Rubin teased the company's first device, posting an image to Twitter with a  note "really excited about how this is shaping up" and is "eager to get it in more people's hands."

As you can see, the 'bezelless' claim is quite on track,not completely but with very small ones indeed. The photo seems to tell us that Essential will be running Android, judging by the icons seen in the photo.

We are excited to expect a premium device that could potentially challenge Apple and Samsung. Lets keep our eyes on more news in next few months.