Doogee S90 Pro and Doogee N100: a modular budget smartphone with a battery of 10,000 mAh

November 02, 2019 new-launch News

The struggle for the smartphone market is very fierce and highly competitive. Standing out among hundreds of manufacturers is very difficult. This is especially difficult for smartphone makers from the Middle Kingdom, where new smartphones go on sale literally every day. However, Doogee is one of those companies that have been afloat for quite some time. The company has its own style, does not always follow trends and makes very interesting smartphones. We have a couple of these on our website: Doogee S90 Pro - a rugged smartphone with removable blocks and Doogee N100 - a hot new product with cameras from Sony and a 10,000 mAh battery.

Doogee S90 Pro – modular smartphone from Doogee

If you want to buy a smartphone that will surprise everyone - you should take a closer look at Doogee S90 Pro. The smartphone is not like other representatives of the market. Its main feature is removable blocks that extend the functionality of the Doogee S90 Pro. Together with a smartphone comes a nozzle, which turns the smartphone into a real walkie-talkie - you can get in touch even in the most extreme conditions. There is also a pad that increases battery capacity.

However, not only the lining distinguishes the smartphone from the background of others. The smartphone has a “sports" design. A strict black case is decorated with orange accents.

Doogee S90 Pro is IP68 / 69K protected. This means that the smartphone can withstand prolonged immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters, as well as additional body reinforcement, which increases the resistance of the Doogee S90 Pro to falls and other adverse conditions. On the front of the Doogee S90 Pro flaunts a large and bright 6.18-inch IPS screen. It has an elongated shape and high-quality color reproduction. In a small cutout in the upper part of the front panel, you can notice an 8 MP front camera and a speaker. On the back panel of the Doogee S90 Pro, you can find a dual 16 + 8 MP camera and a fingerprint scanner. For the speed of the smartphone meets the new processor from MediaTek - Helio P70. It meets all the modern requirements of the market, saves energy and draws all new games and applications. The manufacturer allocated 6 GB for the Doogee S90 Pro RAM, and 128 GB for the built-in memory. There was a place in the Doogee S90 Pro for a memory card - you can add another 256 GB. A large smartphone has a large battery. On board, the Doogee S90 Pro has a 5080 mAh battery. Charging takes place via the USB Type-C connector. The smartphone supports 24 W fast charging and 10 W wireless charging, there is support for NFC and Bluetooth 5.0. The gadget is running the Android 9.0 operating system.

Doogee S90 Pro Specifications:

o Colors: red, blue, black

o Screen: 6.18 inches, IPS-matrix, resolution - 2246 by 1080, aspect ratio 19.5: 9, 403 PPi

o Case: plastic + glass

o Processor: eight-core MediaTek Helio P70 chipset with a maximum frequency of up to 2.0 GHz,

o GPU: Mali-G72 MP3

o RAM: 6 GB

o User memory: 128 GB

o Rear camera: 16 + 8 MP

o Front camera: 8 MP

o NFC: yes

o Fingerprint scanner: yes

o OS: Android 9 Pie

o Battery capacity: 5,050 mAh

o Price: $ 190

Doogee N100 - an inexpensive long-lived smartphone

Most recently, a new smartphone, the Doogee N100, went on sale. This is a representative of the budget class of smartphones, but the manners of this device are much cooler.

The design of the Doogee N100 hints at premium, however, this is the Chinese view of wealth. Doogee N100 backdrop is leather looks alike, there is an imitation of seams, some inserts with screws. In fact, all this is plastic. High quality plastic. The front of the Doogee N100 has a six-inch display, which occupies a little more than 80% of the front panel. On the top and bottom there are quite large indents, which is not typical for modern smartphones.

Doogee N100 IPS screen provides a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. The screen is moderately elongated, it is convenient to absorb content from it. Color reproduction at the level of smartphones from the same price category: good white balance, but not enough brightness. The Doogee N100 hardware circuit is based on the eight-core MediaTek Helio P23 mobile processor. The processor is not new, but proven. Helio P23 was released at the end of 2017 and is relevant to this day. The processor is built on a 16-nm process technology and consists of eight Cortex A53 cores with a maximum clock frequency of 2.3 GHz. For graphics, the Mali-G71 MP2 video accelerator with a clock frequency of 770 MHz is responsible. The memory set is represented by 4 GB of "RAM" and an internal flash drive of 64 GB. There is an expansion slot for microSD-cards.

A pair of sensors from Sony is responsible for the mobile photo. The main one is Sony IMX230 with 21 MP, the additional one is an 8 MP camera. The Doogee N100 front camera has a resolution of 8 MP. Quite a good set for a smartphone from this price category.

The main advantage of the Doogee N100 is its battery life. The smartphone is equipped with a 10,000 mAh battery, which can provide up to three days of work without recharging. Of course, such a battery needs to be charged for a long time, so the manufacturer took care of high-speed charging at 24 W — full charge in 120 minutes. The operating system on the Doogee N100 is the 9th version of Android.

Doogee N100 Specifications:

o Colors: red, blue, black

o Screen: 5.99 inches, IPS-matrix, resolution - 2160 by 1080, aspect ratio 19.5: 9, 403 PPi

o Case: metal + glass

o Processor: eight-core MediaTek Helio P23 chipset with a maximum frequency of up to 2.0

o GPU: Mali-G71 MP2

o RAM: 4 GB

o User memory: 64 GB

o Rear camera: 21 + 8 MP

o Front camera: 8 MP

o NFC: yes

o Fingerprint scanner: yes

o OS: Android 9 Pie

o Battery capacity: 10,000 mAh

o Price: $ 336

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