CES 2018: Samsung Bixby Learns To Get Your Food's Calories

January 10, 2018 Android News Samsung

Samsung Bixby virtual assistant has a surprising new feature. It now has the ability to identify your food and give you a calorie count of it. While this feature is not polished enough for a public release, it could do a pretty decent job in telling food apart; not to the extent of identify everything on your dinner plate. You need to point the phone’s camera to each food item to obtain the corresponding calorie counts.

Samsung representatives say Bixby uses generic data for food items so the calorie counts are not accurate. Nevertheless, it beats loading up MyFitnessPal and adding every ingredient individually. It is also said that the food data will be saved into a profile in the Samsung Health app to help people track their calorie intakes and as well as their outputs.

Presently, there is no official word on whether this feature will end up on Galaxy smartphones but we can expect to see a more capable Bixby in the near future assisting us in more aspects of our lives.