All Samsung Galaxy A 2019: we reviewed them all

October 09, 2019 Android new-launch Samsung News

Samsung company pleasantly surprised this year: they produced not only good flagships but also paid quite a lot of attention to the budget and mid-market segments. The most popular series of Samsung smartphones is the Galaxy A 2019. Now the line has more than 20 smartphones. They cover the widest price range: from $ 130 to $ 750 dollars. After reading this article, you can decide on your Samsung Galaxy A 2019

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core - Samsung smartphone on Android Go Edition

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core - a small, nimble, modest hard worker from a South Korean manufacturer. In this small five-inch smartphone, Samsung has a good PLS-screen, an eight-core processor, LTE-module, 1GB of RAM and 8/16 GB of internal. The main feature of the smartphone is a light version of the Android operating system. Android Go Edition makes it possible to work the modest hardware of the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core more quickly.


  • Price - $ 132
  • Android Go Edition
  • Compact sizes
  • Eight-dimensional processor Exynos 7870
  • Good main camera - 5 MP, F1.9 (1 / 5.0 ″)

Samsung Galaxy A10, A10e, A10s - cheap and cheerful

Samsung Galaxy A10, A10e, A10s are the most affordable smartphones of the series in a modern design. A drop-shaped cutout, a decent IPS-matrix and powerful batteries - all this is about the Samsung Galaxy A10, A10e, A10s. Phones have virtually no competitors in this price category. Yes, there are more powerful Chinese analogies, but trust in the “brand” forces people to buy Samsung Galaxy A10, A10e or A10s.


  • Price - from $ 131
  • Android 9.0
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Availability of NFC
  • Powerful batteries
  • SD card slot up to 256 GB

Samsung Galaxy A20, A20e, A20s - inexpensive, but good smartphones

They added a little more than $ 50 and opened a new series - Samsung Galaxy A20, A20e, A20s. This trinity offers more advanced specifications and more functionality. The Samsung Galaxy A20, A20e, A20s have a fingerprint scanner, a more thoughtful and holistic design, an enlarged screen and a dual main camera with an ultra-wide viewing angle of 123 degrees. Thanks to this, much more detail gets into the frame than with standard shooting. Another feature of the line is support for fast charging. Without it, in the modern world, simply hard to survive.


  • Price - from $ 198
  • Supports quick charge function
  • Good quality-price ratio
  • Great look
  • There is NFC

Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s - confident middle class from Samsung

We go further and then we have a sweet couple - Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s. These are not budget smartphones anymore - this is a pleasant middle class. These smartphones embody the definition of “phone in 2019”. The Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s immediately claim to be premium with the Super-Amoled matrix. It's hard to find better screens in this price category than Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s - it's hard to find fault with the quality of the 6.4-inch matrix of smartphones. The main camera of smartphones is double, but AI magic is added to the good characteristics of the sensors, which automatically takes the photo capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s to a new level. AI automatically adjusts settings for saturation, white balance, and brightness. Perhaps the camera is the strongest side of the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s.


  • Price - from $ 257
  • Excellent result in Antutu - 100,000 points
  • Availability of USB Type-C
  • Good battery - 13 hours in video viewing mode
  • Good cameras

Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s - a pair of decent smartphones

Samsung is trying to cover all the needs of the audience with the help of the Galaxy A 2019 line. Most likely, precisely because of this, a couple of compact smartphones Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s appeared in the series. These are really small devices that stand out quite a bit from modern devices: the Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s screen sizes are only 5.9 inches, and the cases are thin and light (7.9 mm, 140 g). However, device chips are not only their dimensions. The manufacturer focused on the front camera. Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s have a resolution of 25 MP, which sharply distinguishes smartphones from other devices from this price category, and fans of playing on phones will appreciate the eight-core Exynos 7904 mobile processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s are powerful, compact and inexpensive smartphones. 


  • Price - from $ 300
  • Compact enclosures
  • There is a fingerprint scanner
  • Unusual mirror design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC
  • Front camera 25 MP

Samsung Galaxy A50 and A50s - Samsung's new middle class

Strong middle-class representatives are the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A50s. Thought these series of smartphones, the company shows a portrait of the perfect gadget. Here you have advanced technologies, and adequate pricing, and stylish design. Gadgets are equipped with a virtually frameless display - the matrix occupies almost 90% of the front panel. It is impossible not to note the sub-screen fingerprint scanner, which first appeared in the Galaxy A lineup specifically on the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A50s. Using this scanner, it’s convenient not only to unlock the smartphone, but also damn comfortable to pay for purchases using the NFC-module, which, incidentally, is also on board the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A50s. Well, probably, the main feature is the triple main camera with a resolution of 25 + 8 + 5 megapixels and AI support.


  • Price - from $ 317
  • Bright and high-quality Super-Amoled matrices
  • Fingerprint scanner below the screen
  • Triple main cameras with artificial intelligence
  • Fast charge - from 0% to 100% in 1 hour 40 minutes

Samsung Galaxy A60 - triple camera, NFC and powerful processor cheap

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy A60 is a smartphone that focuses on the Asian market, it can still be found on the shelves. It is worth saying that the Samsung Galaxy A60 is a very interesting smartphone. It is equipped with a simply killer combination of characteristics: a triple camera, Snapdragon 675, 6 GB of RAM, the price is $ 300. Guys, even Xiaomi can envy such combo. A distinctive feature of the Samsung Galaxy A60 is the front camera, which is located right inside the display (in the upper right corner). Do not worry, the screen quality is not affected. In Antutu, the Samsung Galaxy A60 scores a solid 170,000 points, the Galaxy A60 can record 4K video out of the box, 1080p at 30/60 fps is also supported, but electronic stabilization only works at 30 frames per second. In general, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is worth paying attention to, if you want to try Samsung with Snapdragon on board - a decent smartphone.


  • Price - from $ 300
  • Good filling
  • Screen with integrated frontal
  • There is no 3.5 mm jack
  • Good battery
  • Multilingual firmware

Samsung Galaxy A70 and A70s - best camera phones in their class

Together with the Samsung Galaxy A70 and A70s, we move to the “phablets” section. This is a segment where you no longer understand what you are holding: a smartphone or tablet. The business reel of the Samsung Galaxy A70 and A70s are unlimited displays (6.7 inches, matrix type - Super Amoled, resolution - FHD +) with thin frames and a miniature drop-shaped cutout. The screen is just awesome for absorbing content and mobile games. And you can play on the Samsung Galaxy A70 and A70s, thanks to the powerful 11-nm Snapdragon 675 and 6 GB of RAM. "Tanks" at maximum speed on the Samsung Galaxy A70 and A70s will work. Another advantage of smartphones is high-speed charging at 25 watts - in just 45 minutes, its charge is replenished to 60%.


  • Price - $ 391
  • Huge screens - 6.7 inches, resolution - 2400x1080
  • There is a connector 3.5 MM
  • Front cameras 32 MP
  • Sub-screen fingerprint scanners
  • Fast charge 25 W

Samsung Galaxy A80 - a powerful phone from Samsung

Not the most powerful model of the Samsung Galaxy A2019 line, but clearly the most unusual. Samsung Galaxy A80 is the company's first smartphone with a triple camera, which is located at the top of the phone. Thanks to this tricky action, Samsung managed to kill two “birds with one stone”: they achieved a completely “frameless” screen, and also managed to survive the maximum quality of mobile images. The triple camera of the Samsung Galaxy A80 is represented by the main sensor of 48 megapixels, an ultra-wide module of 8 megapixels and a ToF-sensor for determining the depth of scenes (needed to blur the background in portrait mode). The combination, of course, is standard for this price category, but the design in the form of a swivel makes it special: just select the "selfie" mode and the camera will leave the back of the case and tune in exactly for you.


  • Price - $ 500
  • The first Samsung smartphone with a PTZ camera
  • Powerful Snapdragon 730 processor
  • Does not support microSD cards
  • There is no 3.5 mm jack
  • The screen occupies 92% of the front panel

Samsung Galaxy A90 - the flagship of the Galaxy A 2019 line

Recently, Samsung announced its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy A 2019 - Galaxy A90 5G. From the name of the new product it follows that it received support for fifth-generation networks, as well as the flagship processor in the face of Snapdragon 855. Also, the Samsung Galaxy A90 boasts a “48” MP camera, a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, a 4500 mAh battery and fast charging at 25 watts. The estimated price of the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is $ 750. Smartphone sales in South Korea started in September. The global launch of the Samsung Galaxy A90 is still in question.


  • Price - $ 750
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Main camera 48 MP
  • Powerful 4,500 mAh battery
  • Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Support for 5G networks

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