New Pink to the family: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Pink

April 21, 2016 Android News Sony

Sony Mobile has just announced a new Pink color to its existing Xperia Z5 Premium series. Earlier this year, Sony released a Pink variant of its Xperia Z5, so this seems like a logical roll out.

 sony xperia z5 premium pink

On Sony Mobile’s official corporate blog, Designer, Murai-san, gave some insights:

“The colour was first created for Xperia Z5 Pink and the hue also lent itself well to the finish of the Z5 Premium. As with other Z5 Premium devices we wanted to give an expression of light, so we adapted the colour to the Z5 Premium’s materials, the result is a deeper, rich tone due to its glossy finish – the perfect complement to its Premium name tag. The colour is also one of the trend colours for 2015AW-2016SS, so Xperia customers can tailor their look and colour co-ordinate their phone and outfits with the latest fashion trends.”


The Pink Premium will be available from the beginning of May, however it will be sold only in select markets. Pricing and exact release date/availability were not released yet so we will update you as soon as we get it. Needless to say, you can expect to find it on our store.