HTC 10 announced: A modern phone built on a familiar winning design

April 22, 2016 Android HTC News

HTC announced its flagship for 2016, HTC 10. The design of the new flagship is not different from the design of last year’s model, M9, as well as that of the M series. According to the company, 12 months have been spent in the designing and engineering of the newest flagship. The company also stated that customer feedback have been integrated all through the development process. Notably, the camera department is supposed to have received the biggest attention after disappointing in previous models.

HTC 10 1


This flagship has everything you could hope for in an Android smartphone in 2016. The 10 (the M or One has been dropped in the phone name this year) features a 5.2-inch, quad HD super LCD 5 display with 30% more color than that of last year’s model. The screen is covered in gorilla glass and blend with the phone’s frame. 


A Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and a 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage powered the HTC 10. It also has an expandable microSD slot so that much of the design is similar to what we have seen in other high-end smartphones we have seen this year. HTC has stated that the smartphone will be faster in response to touch than its predecessor since it has designed the hardware and software to respond quickly to touch.

Underneath the screen you'll find a fingerprint sensor for added security and HTC's BoomSound speakers make a return on the new model. There is a high-frequency tweeter and a low-frequency woofer, both of which have their own amplifier. 


HTC 10 2

Although the 10 follow up with the design of both the M9 and A9, it can be described as the blend of the two. It has the familiar all-aluminum construction with large chamfered edges and machined ports.


The HTC 10 sports a 12MP rear camera and an optically stabilized fast f/1.8 lens that should take better pictures in low light situations compared to the predecessors. The camera also comes with a dual-LED flash, contrast detection autofocus system assisted by laser to measure distance of subject, 4K video capability and 24-bit high-resolution audio system. The selfie camera has been upgraded to 5MP with an f/1.8 wide-angle lens and also sports optical stabilization. Based on these specs, HTC 10 looks to have seriously improved their camera quality.

HTC 10 3


Based on everything that we have seen in the 10, it appears not to be a groundbreaking smartphone. It does not come with a hugely innovative design or a function that could wow onlookers. We can call it an evolvement rather than innovation of what the firm has been producing for years. It is nevertheless, still a phone to watch and we will give more details after we have had a chance to play with it. Given the high specs of hardware built into smartphone these days, it is going to take a lot of effort to come up with an innovative killer feature.