Two Mid-Range BlackBerry Android Smartphones Coming This Year, Says Company CEO

April 22, 2016 Android Blackberry News Rumours

Last year, the BlackBerry Priv was the first ever-Android smartphone from the company; however, it didn’t record the success that the company had hoped for. While it has won rave reviews for its performance and build, the price tag on the Priv eventually pushed back many buyers.  Later, the company admitted that the Priv might have been indeed expensive after getting feedback from even enterprise users that its price is steep.  

2 new blackberry

The CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, is reported to have confirmed the introduction of two mid-range Android devices. He stated that the phones would hit the market in 2016. One of the phones will be a full screen smartphone while the other will come with a physical keyboard like the Priv. News had surfaced that BlackBerry has two Android smartphones in the pipeline - BlackBerry "Hamburg" and BlackBerry "Rome.",  One handset will feature a physical keyboard, while the other will have a full touchscreen. The former was tipped to arrive this fall, while the latter will allegedly launch toward the end of the year. 

However, the time these two flagships will be available on the market is unknown. Now, we have to rely on speculations. Accordingly, some rumors have leaked that the company is planning two phones codenamed: BlackBerry Rome and BlackBerry Hamburg. According to the report, the Hamburg will be released first while the Rome will follow up towards the end of the year. 


While the rumor is yet to be confirmed or anything to indicate that it is accuracy, we are indeed expecting BlackBerry to do something about its line of smartphones based on the response of John Chen. Blackberry was getting a wave in the smartphone market because it made different phones that cater to different segments of the market. If the company is looking to regain its past glory, it should look back at that period and pick up the strategy that works. If it fails to become profitable, BlackBerry might just exit the smartphone market altogether. All the stakes now lie with the upcoming two Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones.