Huawei P9: 7 things you have to to know

April 20, 2016 huawei

In the crowded high-end Android space, only the smartphone with the biggest, newest innovation will lead. Any smartphone that does not come with something new to excite the loyal fans will be relegated to the league of ‘unneeded gadgets’. It seems that Huawei understand this the most. 

This year, one of the biggest collaboration is between Huawei and Leica and the Huawei P9 is the result of the collaboration. The smartphone features a world-class camera lens and is more inclined towards photography lovers. However, other features are also outstanding that we want to point out in this article. 

  1. Huawei P9 comes with two camera and more 

P9 dual camera

There are two 12MP camera lens on the back of the smartphone, which is designed through the partnership of the firm with Leica, a German camera maker. One of the cameras is a black and white camera (also known as monochrome) and the other features the conventional color sensor. The combination of these two, stated the company, will allow the smartphone to take pictures with 50% more contrast than a regular camera setup with single-sensor setup.  

  1. Wide aperture mode

This feature is first made its appearance in the Honor 6 Plus and now comes with the Huawei P9. This feature will enable the P9 to produce a brokeh effects in each picture taken, in a similar fashion to what is obtainable from the HTC One M8. Moreover, the depth of information captured by the phone is great. 

  1. Latest Huawei CPU

Huawei P9 CPU

The new CPU on the Huawei P9 is built on the Kirin 955 chip, which is built from 16nm FinFET manufacturing process. Interestingly, the clock speed has been increased from 2.5GHz for the ARM Cortex-A72 cores and the Cortex-A53 cores to 1.8GHz. There have also been the addition of triple-focusing ISP and new depth sensing to the Kirin 955 for a much more efficient performance. 

  1. USB Type-C 

P9 USB C type

The reversible USB port, USB Type-C is featured on the Huawei P9 and what this means is a quicker charging time, at least in theory. Right now, it has been stated that the P9 does not support quick charging at higher voltages but some testers are trying to test the phone whether it can charge up to 3A with the right charger. 

  1. 720P mode for saving power 

Most smartphones from Huawei have some form of power-saving features. One of these is the ability to put the phone in a “power plan” which will enable the phone to balance performance and longevity. 

  1. Later in April, Europe and Asia should expect the phone 

If you are located in either of these continents, you should expect the phone to be launched in the later part of April

     7. The P9 has a Bigger Brother 

P9 Plus

There is one last thing about the P9, there is also a Huawei P9 Plus! which is  expected to launch later in May across Europe and Asia. The P9 Plus display — a 5.5-inch AMOLED panel at the same 1080p resolution — along with hardware upgrades like 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, up from the 3GB and 32GB of the P9. Another 2 difference is the stereo speaker system and a IR blaster on top of it Bezel. 

To run the more powerful device, the battery would need to be bigger, it has been increased to 3,400mAh 

The same dual camera and fingerprint sensor remains the same from P9 but encased in brushed metal pattern and a slightly glossier finish.