Huawei’s P9 launches with dual Leica cameras, taking on Apple

April 20, 2016 Android huawei New Launch

The new Huawei’s flagship, Huawei P9 and P9 Plus phablet smartphones have taken on Apple as they both come with two rear-facing camera lenses.

Dual leica camera Huawei P9

There have already been many rumours that Huawei might be featuring the camera lens from Leica. Now, the Chinese smartphone giant has confirmed that by partnering with Leica, a German camera company. 

The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus are the first to spot this dual-camera technology; one of the camera lenses is a monochrome, while the other will be able to shoot in full color. The Apple iPhone 7 is likely to be the competitor to this smartphone as it is also rumored to come with the same technology. 

What does this mean for you? 

The dual-camera technology will allow to effectively refocus a picture after it is effectively taken. The company also claimed that the two lenses are designed to work in unison so that they can produce a complex 12MP image with a better depth of field and sharper contrast than traditional lenses.

The beauty of the Huawei P9 is that there is not even a slight protrusion of the lenses from the smartphone itself, it is leveled with the body of the phone. This is a better option for those who are looking for a great camera phone without the protrusion of lenses we have seen in the iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7. 


huawei P9 colours

While the Huawei P9 features a 5.2-inch 1080p display, the P9 Plus sports a 5.5-inch display. This is a significant different in screen size for those who want to have a slightly phone for bigger applications. 

The P9 is available in 6 different color variants – haze gold, white, dark grey, silver, gold, and rose gold (similar to that color scheme in latest Apple smartphones). 

The P9 and P9 Plus are manufactured from aluminum, both have biometric fingerprint scanner – located on the back – and are powered by 64-bit processor. 


With the introduction of the newest flagships from Huawei, there is going to be a heated competition between the Chinese giant and its two other counterparts, Samsung and Apple. While Samsung has already released its smartphone for this year, Apple is yet to release their latest smartphone. Do you think that the iPhone 7 is going to beat both the Galaxy S7 and the Huawei P9?