Early Samsung Galaxy S7 sales exceed expectations

April 15, 2016 News Samsung

For a while, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have been released to the global market. And this has given analysts enough time to make some predictions about the performance of the newest flagships from Samsung. Consequently, data from the analysts have suggested that the performance of these smartphones in the global market is healthy enough to give the Korean mobile phone giant a good profit in this year.

S7 launch DJ Koh

Analysts have stated that sales and pre-order from key markets of India, Europe, China, has exceeded the early predictions about sales in these markets. According to sources from Europe, there is a 250% increase in sales of the new flagships over the previous flagships.

The situation is somewhat different in the China, the world’s largest smartphone market. Because of the increasing number of lower cost options in the region, premium smartphone makers like Samsung are facing stagnation in sales and decreasing profits in the region.

However, Samsung still had a good standing in terms of market share compared to previous data. Currently, the South Korean company holds 7.7 percent of market share in the region.

There seems to have been an increase in sales of the Galaxy S7 phones and this is sure to boost the income of the company in the region. The performance is generally okay and the statement of the Samsung mobile chief for the region confirms this. Samsung’s Ko Dong-jin said, “I’ve gained confidence to do well after checking responses from major retailers and holding meetings with carriers in China.”

According to some experts, the improvement in sales is due to the inclusion of some features that were anticipated in the new flagships. If you remember, the Galaxy S7 came with the microSD card slot that was left out in the S6. The water resistance feature and the slashing of price tag in some regions also account for this phenomenon.


This report is nothing more than good news for Samsung. It also shows that the company is working hard to bring the best to its customers. If it had left out some of the prominent features of the Galaxy S7, the company might not be experiencing the strong sales from its newest flagship.