LG Announced LG G5 Global Rollout, Will Hit Markets on March 31

April 15, 2016 Android LG News

LG has finally confirmed the G5 to hit market on March 31st. The G5 features an innovative modular design, which allows for various modules, also called “Friends” — to be used. Some of these modules include one for better camera control and one with a larger battery.

G5 modular

There are different offers from telco operators in the US offering module bundles like charging cradle, extra battery etc. However, the unlocked version is reported to cost USD799.90. In other parts of the world LG is bundling the Cam Plus module that offers a larger battery and physical controls such as a scroll wheel and shutter button for the smartphone.

As per an online UK retailer, the LG G5 will be available at GBP 449.17 ($649.99) excluding VAT, and GBP 539 ($779.99). We expect that global pricing to be working along these price benchmarks.

The prime highlight of the device is its modules or accessories. LG Cam Plus is a camera module that adds physical buttons for camera operations along with expanding the total battery capacity to 4000mAh.  The Hi-Fi Plus component is a moveable Hi-Fi DAC which can be used as a separate portable DAC or with the G5 to enable 32-bit audio playback. 

Look out for the LG G5  “friends” to be made available such as LG 360 VR, LG 360 CAM, LG Tone Platinum, LG Rolling Bot, LG Smart Controller, H3 by B&O Play, and LG Friends Manager.