Android Marshmallow for the Sony Xperia Z5 is rolling out globally

April 25, 2016 Android New Launch News Sony

Android Marshmallow update is now available for the Sony Xperia Z5. Although the update is available globally, only certain regions have been confirmed to be receiving it. This regions include: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, United States, MENA Arabic, Russia, and Algeria. What this means is that the update has really commenced and will continue to be rolled out in batches across several months in order to cover all the devices that are supposed to get the updates.

z5 marshmallow

Unfortunately, one of the long-overdue features that is expected in this new update is the STAMINA mode is not included. Moreover, you cannot use a microSD memory card to expand the internal memory of the Z5 because the update does not include an adoptable storage.

This shows that Sony is not planning on abandoning its S series totally. Recently, the company is reportedly considering adopting the X series over the Z series in its smartphone production. However, the release of the Android 6.0 update shows that the company is still with Z series fans.

According to, some of the models that have received Android Marshmallow include the single SIM E6653 smartphone and the Dual-SIM varieties, with model numbers E6633 and E6683. At the moment, OTA of the update is yet to be available, and is expected to be available shortly. At the moment, you can only get the 6.0 32.1.A.1.163 firmware through the Sony PC Companion app. 

There is also a new official timelog, which will run in app dozing and the time permission model. There are also other noteworthy additions with the update. This includes the Direct Share for relaying information with your friends and the Xperia Messaging, which comes with sticker support. These two are updates to the camera interface. If you have this smartphone, you should also be expected few other exciting features such as Now on Tap, app permissions, and a Google security patch for the month of February. 


The new update for the Z5 is a welcomed one as it includes some really important features that are expected. Even though some features are not added, it is to be expected that those that are added are enough to bring up the phone to competing models on the market.