5 Best Features on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Smartphones

March 02, 2016 Android New Launch Reviews Samsung

There seems to be no other Android manufacturer that is paying attention to what people are saying. Some of the features and designs on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are inspired by the complains from many users. Although, the company has retain some of the design element in the S6, there are additional improvements and addition in the features of the latest flagship. Samsung has also continued to work hard to improve mobile user experience as well as bringing improvements to the core aspects of its mobile smartphones.

In this article, we are going to cover 5 important features on the newest flagship from Samsung. These features include some of the features that were dropped in the Samsung Galaxy S6 but returned in the S7 while others are those that are newly added for a better and improved experience. At the end of the article, you would see that Samsung has really incorporated some of the things that most of you are asking for. 

MicroSD expansion 

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship was released last year, many fans were left enraged and many others bewildered. The Galaxy S6 came with no water resistant rating, removable battery and no microSD expansion; these features were expected to be in the flagship and when Samsung decided to drop them, many were not happy at all. This is because many people expected all these in any flagship. If you are among those, then there is good news for you. These 3 important features, along with others, are now back with the Galaxy S7. 

Also, a UHD-II standard brings more read-write speed through the expandable microSD. While the Korean based company undermined the success of the S6 by leaving out important features, the introduction of these features, especially the microSD expansion, in their latest flagship will help convince loyal fans that the company is doing its best to satisfy them. 

A larger battery 

To many people, a bigger battery is what matters, not a smaller one. Many people would like to see bigger battery in their smartphones even if it means a ‘thicker phone’. This is something that most smartphone makers, including Samsung don’t really understand. That is why most of them make phones with smaller batteries in the name of more efficient processor, battery optimization, battery saving mode, and fast charging. Samsung also made the same mistake with the S6, which has now been corrected with the Galaxy S7. There is a bigger battery for both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge resulting in a 14% and 9% more thickness in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge respectively. 

Water resistance 

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 without water-resistance capability made some people to think that Samsung is through with water-resistance in its flagships. However, Samsung has proved this wrong. The S7 sports an IP68 ingress rating. This means that the phone can be submerged in water at 5 feet up to 30 minutes. During this period, you don’t have to worry about the openings such as the charging port, etc. on the phone. At this point, you may think this is not for you, but the truth is that you don’t have to submerge this into water before you enjoy the feature. If you work in close proximity with water, you know that the phone will be save when it accidentally gets into a liquid. 

A better performing camera

Samsung is well known for coming up with great cameras in its smartphones. The camera on the last mode did not do badly either. However, many other phone makers are catching up, and this means that Samsung has to tighten its belt so as for it to retain its leading position. The result is the camera features in the S7: dual-pixel sensor and a larger aperture. The sensor on the phone can focus in a very short period of time, faster than the S6, which is already fast. And the f/1.9 aperture makes for a good performance under low light conditions. 

Optimized for gaming 

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone to make use of the new Vulkan APIs. The latest Vulkan APIs can use multiple cores at a time so that there is an improvement in the graphics performance. With an improved graphics performance, gamers can expect to enjoy their favorite games on the Galaxy S7. Samsung also added a new games launcher, in-game menus, and ability to block alerts to the new flagship. These features allow you to make personalized settings on your phone in order to increase your mobile gaming experience. Moreover, this model is the best smartphone for handling demanding games now. This shows that Samsung really has gamers in mind while designing this smartphone. 

A different Edge from the past 

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was released last year, if felt like an extravagant version of the S6. There were many features on it but they were hardly useful. However, this year’s Edge is going to be different and a worthy buy for those who would like to go with the Edge instead of the original S7. Unlike the previous Edge, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a slew of useful features like third-party support, a vertically-scrolling news ticker for the best performance.  With the third-party support, you will have access to even more customizable options. Moreover, the larger screen will now be more useful than we have seen in the S6 Edge. 


These are the best features that you will get with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. If you are going for the original S7, you will still be able to enjoy some of the important features of the S6. And in addition to that, you have a slew of other improvements in the new smartphone such as the introduction of latest Vulkan APIs as well as third-party support for a better gaming experience. And if you are going for the S7 edge, you have a bigger screen and features that are more useful.