LG confirms Always ON feature for LG G5

March 27, 2016 Android LG Rumours

LG has always been one of the manufacturers that have no issues when it comes to confirming details about their upcoming devices prior to their unveiling, and this remains true in the case of the LG G5, the manufacturer’s upcoming flagship smartphone.


Last week, the Korean smartphone manufacturer announced to the world that it would unveil its G5 smartphone on February 21 at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. The announcement however did not include any particular detail about the upcoming device.

To make up for that, the company recently took to Facebook and revealed that the LG G5 will bring an “Always ON” display mode to the table. This feature will allow users to see incoming notifications (such as missed calls, messages, and emails) without having to turn the entire screen on.

This always on display feature is already found in slightly different implementations on Google’s latest Nexus handsets (where it is called Ambient Display) and on Motorola smartphones (called Active Display). This feature will also be most likely found on Samsung’s upcoming flagship devices, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, which will also be unveiled on the same day as the LG flagship.

The image posted on LG’s Facebook page not only revealed the G5’s Always ON feature – it also showed an outline of the G5 itself, which gave us the chance to speculate whether previously leaked renders of the handset are accurate or not.

According to previous leaks and rumours, the LG G5 will be significantly different from the G4 and the G3. The handset allegedly will be made of metal and will come with a dual rear camera and a fingerprint scanner.