New Android Wear update brings support for speakers, new gestures

February 20, 2016 Android Rumours Smartwatch

If you are among those who have been agitating for a new software update, there is good news for you. Whether you are just about to purchase your new Android Wear or already have one and itching to get better features, the latest update from Google should console you.

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Google has announced a new software updates for all smartwatches on the Android Wear platform. It has been reported that in the next few weeks, the update will reach all the devices that are compatible with the update.

As for what to expect when your smartwatch gets the update, the new version comes with the support for built-in speakers for wearables. Some smartwatches like the Asus ZenWatch 2 and Huawei Watch already have the speakers but were not previously supported, so if you have one of those or any other wearable that has built-in speakers, you will be able to use this on the phone.

One feature that has not been available will now be available, i.e., ability to make and receive calls with your wearable. Once you have it installed, you can use your watch to make calls as well as receive calls, listen to audio files, or watch video messages, although you might have to use certain apps for the last two. 

Another thing that comes with the update is the introduction of new gestures. The new release will allow you to return to the Watch face with a lift, push, or shake, expand the card on your watch, and even bring up apps. Other gestures such as scrolling up and down your card stream with the flick of your wrists will still be available; the new release will be incorporated so that you can use every thing together. 

Moreover, sending voice messages will be much easier and enhanced than before because popular third party apps will now be supported. For instance, if you say to your watch “Google, send a WhatsApp message to Smith: I’m at home”. This will result into a WhatsApp message to Smith, with the same exact word: “I’m at home”. 


As far as convenience is concerned, these cool features will bring more people to the platform and endear those who are already using their watch to their devices. If you are already planning on buying a new smartwatch, this is the right time to go for it. And if you are almost tired of your watch’s limited features, this is indeed a good news for you.