Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: New 8 and 9.7-inch tablets to be introduced in latest series?

February 20, 2016 Android Rumours Samsung

A new report has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will get a successor by mid-2016. And that successor is the Galaxy Tab S3.

Tab S3

There have been many reports that Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S7 and dominate the market with it this year. However, it seems the company might want to go even further with the introduction of the Tab 3.

One of the countries that Samsung has a very effective Research and Development unit is India and it seems that the company is going to be taking advantage of that. Accordingly, the Galaxy Tab S3 has been listed in two variants by an Indian import-export tracker website called Zauba. It seems that Samsung has sent test models to the country and Zauba is now reporting the report. 

According to the report, the listed variants of the Zauba website have the numbers SM-T813 and SM-T719. The SM-T813 reportedly have a 9.7-inch display while the other one, SM-T719 has an 8-inch screen. Another reported have it that the two variants will come with a 4GB of RAM, an improved battery life—compared to the Galaxy Tab S2, and the Exynos 7420 processor.  

This is a nice combination as many people will be able to access the phone because of the nice option. In addition, both phones were listed for a price tag above $200 at the time of this writing. When Galaxy Tab S2 was introduced into the market last year, it recorded significant sales for the company and it seems that the company will want to ride on the success of this tablet by bringing something even more powerful for those who have already become fans. Moreover, the annual introduction of new flagships by the company is likely to be repeated this year with the introduction of smartphones like Galaxy S7 and tablets like the Galaxy Tab S3. This means that you should be looking forward to a new flagship from the South Korean smartphone giant. 


If you already own the Galaxy Tab S2, this might be a nice upgrade because of the report on increase battery life, higher RAM capacity and a few other improvement over the preceding tablet. And if you are a new user, you simply have to wait to see how the specs of the new Tab will make you want to purchase it.