Vaio has a Windows Phone, and here’s what it looks like

February 20, 2016 News Sony Windows

Nowadays, when people talk about smartphones, they often mention Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, or Blackberry phones. It is often hard to find people who are Windows phone diehards. 

Vaio Biz

For those who are still faithful, then the reassurance is that Windows phones aren’t dead yet. In fact, it has just gotten an unlikely manufacturer in the person of Sony. Recently, Sony announced a new Vaio phone in Japan that comes as a ‘Windows phone’. 

In 2014, Sony sold out Vaio as a result of the abysmal performance of the PC line and instead focus on producing premium computers like the Vaio Z Flip convertible and Vaio Z Canvas tablet. However, it seems that we are not going to see the end of the Vaio. With greater ambition, it is set to open up new markets with its introduction of the Vaio Phone Biz, a smartphone that will be on sale starting April, in Japan. 

If you are a Sony faithful, you know that the company has built very powerful processors in their computers in the past. While you may be expecting a very powerful, high end phone in the new flagship, the phone is only a midrange phone with an 8-core Snapdragon 617 processor and 5.5” 1080p screen, and a 3GB RAM capacity, and a 13MP camera. 

As you can see, this is not going to compete with other high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note5, or iPhone 6s plus, or the dubbed Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone is built with an all-metal aluminum frame body with a fast LTE-Advanced cellular connection that will come with a very powerful signal. The phone also features waterproofing features to help protect it from accidents and hazards. In addition, it has microSD slot for expanding your storage if you are a power user. 

Another interesting feature on the phone is the support of Continuum. The feature allows you to connect the phone to a nearby keyboard, monitor, and mouse for use like a full Windows 10 PC. 


One concern is that the phone has been built with antenna that is designed to gain very strong signal in Japan’s urban settings. This means that it might not be very usable outside the region. Because of this, there have been concerned that the phone might be planed to stay in the home of the smartphone manufacturer.