BlackBerry Fans: Expect one more Android smartphone this year

February 20, 2016 Android Blackberry Rumours

It seems that RIM is ready to cut more from the Android pie in this year, following the company's mild success with its Android BlackBerry Priv. With the continuous popularity and market share of Android smartphones increasing, it seems the company is looking forward to making its own profit from the increasing market share. Blackberry vienna

This year, there might be one or two BlackBerry phones. However, neither of this will come with the usual BlackBerry 10 software. The company seems to want to out one more Android smartphones.

According to the report reaching us, the company is planning one or two phones this year. And these two might be another Android smartphone in the neighborhood. 

Although company is known to have built a very good hardware for the Priv, and constantly rolling out new features and cleaning bugs, it has not ruled the problem of not getting satisfactory sales from any new smartphone it releases with the Android system. 

According to the CEO, Chen, the company might close sales for smartphones if its sales from the new venture don’t bring enough profit for the company. 


As per the reports on sales, the company is still struggling with sales, as most of its BlackBerry 10 devices are not recording sales that will result in profit for the business. Therefore, one way of turning in profit might be to choose the Android OS while still maintaining BlackBerry 10 OS, and that seems to be what the company is doing. In terms of software, the company is suffering loses and needed to do something to curb the losses and start making profit. 

This means that those who are looking forward to another BlackBerry phone on the Android platform will get their wish fulfilled. 

However, the fact that the company is going the Android way does not mean that it will close the door on BlackBerry 10 devices. It’s just that you may should be looking forward to another BlackBerry Android phone.