iPhone 7 to have cutting edge wireless charging technology?

March 08, 2016 Apple iPhone Rumours

The Apple iPhone 7 is one of the most anticipated smartphones to be launched this year, and as early as now, we are already hearing a lot of rumours regarding the upcoming smartphone from the tech titan. Once such rumour is that the iPhone 7 will come with wireless charging feature. Simple as that may sound, we still expect Apple to do something a little different with the feature.

wireless charge

As we all know, Apple is often late to the game in terms of features, but the tech titan always does something out of the ordinary that its competitors are not. Take the case of NFC payments for example – Apple lagged behind when it comes to this feature, but it tried to innovate by using fingerprint authentication and bringing the feature to the Apple Watch.

As for wireless charging, reports claim that Apple is working with its Asian partners to develop a new wireless charging technology. This new technology will allegedly allow a device to be charged from farther away than has been possible. Wireless technology today requires that a device be placed on a charging mat for it to be charged inductively. Unfortunately, there is no mention on the report as to how this technology will work or at what maximum distance charging is still possible. It does say, however, that Apple is yet to decide whether to include this technology on the upcoming iPhone 7 or not.

Although it was not mentioned in the report how this new technology is supposed to work, Apple did apply for a patent a couple of years back (late in 2012, to be exact) for a technology it is developing. This said technology utilises Near-Field Magnetic Resonance (NFMR) and allows devices to be charged from as far as 1 meter (3 feet) away. This is the kind of technology that would fit the description of what is in the report, and something that we think would fit the definition of what “cutting edge” wireless charging option is.