Apple Watch (2016) to Enter Mass Production in Q2

February 20, 2016 Apple iOS Smartwatch

A new report has surfaced that the second generation of Apple Watch will enter into mass production in the second quarter of this year. According to DigiTime, only Quanta will be allowed to make the Apple watch. Quanta is the company that manufactured the first generation of Apple Watch.Apple watch 

DigiTime site the report from the upstream supply chain and since Apple feels it might not enjoy quite the same result as it has enjoyed with the first generation wearable – which did strongly well in the later part of 2015 – it is making Quanta the sole maker of its smartwatch.

There has been reports earlier on that Apple will solicit the help of Foxconn Electronics along with Quanta for the production of the smartwatch. However, the Silicon Valley giant decided against that and wanted to use one company for the production so that the volume will not be too much. 

This is the second time the company will reduce its shipment forecast. The first was in 2015 and now in 2016. 

There could several reasons for this action. While this can be restricted to the company’s internal management, some suggestion could be the way the company feels about consumer’s reaction to the wearable. According to report, the company seems to be reluctant to ride on its success with the first generation of smartwatch probably because of the feeling that consumers may not be ready to embrace the smartwatch trend completely. 

Moreover, the reason could be because of the limited upgrade that will be available with the new wearable. Reportedly, the only improvement that will be seen in the coming model will be the front-facing FaceTime camera for video calling. 

If the latter is true, then it might mean that most customers will likely take longer to embrace the Apple Watch. And those who already have one will stick to their smartwatches until something significant comes up in way of upgrade.

If you are already salivating for the next release of Apple Watch, you may be disappointed. You may have to wait longer before you subscribe to the trend.


Even thought the company is not planning on riding on its success with the Apple Watch (first generation), it still holds more than 50% of the market share of smartwatches.

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