Apple iPad Air 3 to come with four speakers and LED flash?

February 20, 2016 Apple iPad Rumours

French tech blog Nowhereelse recently published a leaked schematic that intimates that the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 will come with several minor yet critical tweaks in its hardware.

ipad air 3

Before we give you the juicy details, let us remind you that the source is said to have a hit-and-miss track record in terms of reporting about upcoming devices from Apple. Given that, please ensure to take this information with a grain of salt.

The alleged leaked schematic published by the French blog apparently shows an LED flash at the rear panel of the Apple iPad Air 3. None of the previous iterations of the iPad feature an LED flash, and this made people think that Apple does not have full support for tablet photography.

Despite not having an LED flash, users of the iPad still use the tablet to routinely take pictures. That said, giving the iPad an LED flash – should this rumor come true – can be interpreted that Apple is slowly backing iPad photography. There is, however, no mention of a possible upgrade of the upcoming iPad Air 3’s camera over the current generation iPad Air 2’s 8MP rear shooter.

The said French blog also mentioned that the soon-to-be-unveiled iPad Air 3 will feature four speakers, similar to the sound setup of the larger and more expensive iPad Air Pro. Given that an iPad is usually used in watching movies, the addition of two speakers would definitely enable the upcoming iPad to deliver a better overall movie experience.

Previous rumours intimated that the Apple iPad Air 3 could be unveiled during the first half of the current year. If this pans out and Apple is indeed intent on launching a new iPad Air model during the summer, we can expect unofficial sources to steadily spew out detail after detail regarding the iPad Air 3’s hardware and software.