5 Useful Android Tips And Tricks You Should Know

February 20, 2016 Android Tip

Maintain Your Smartphone Like a PC

While its true that you can get more with Android than with iOS, you need to snigger around your phone to get the best performance. Updating your smartphone to the latest firmware won’t do much. But you can delete unused apps, remove widgets you don’t use, and end unnecessary processes manually yourself. You can do the latter by going to Settings – apps – running – and end anything that is taking too much RAM.

Ensure You Can Get Back Your Device if You Loose It

There is no surefire way to have your device returned to you if you forgot it in a public place. But you can make it easy for a Good Samaritan to return your phone. Go to settings – security – owner info. Type your info into the little box that you will see. There you have it. Your information will always show on your lockscreen.

Experiment with Different Launchers

Launchers are apps that allow you to make changes to your smartphone homescreen. The most popular one is the Nova Launcher. This app can help you make drastic changes to almost anything on your smartphone. There are many launchers out there. Go through them and see the one you like. The benefit of using a launcher is that they give you a simpler interface without the clunky look of default interfaces you get with companies like HTC and Samsung.

Access the Hidden Developer Option

You can get how customizable the Android OS can be by activating the developer option.

Go to > Settings > about phone

Click the build number several times

And after a while, your device will tell you something like “you are now a developer!”

After that, you can go to system settings and see the ‘developer options’ in the list. One of the things you can do here is to turn off the ‘animation scale’ in there to make your phone operate faster.

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Don’t Get Stuck with Google Play store

If you are a Google Play store fanatic and you think you can’t get better deals elsewhere, think again. There are many other app stores like the Amazon app store that can give you deals like you get on Google or even better. For example, on Amazon app store, some apps are put up at no cost as ‘App of the Day’ where you can snatch them up for free. Some apps like this that you get free might cost several dollars on the Google store.


You can achieve more with your Android smartphone if you can tear it down with all these customizations. Some can save your life. Some can prolong the life of your smartphone. And some can do you good you never though of.