Huawei P9 Is Rumored to Come in Four Variants

February 20, 2016 Android huawei Rumours

Huawei P9 Is Rumored to Come in Four Variants 

The Huawei P9 is one of the devices that first get hit in the rumor mill even before it gets an official announcement. 

P9 4 variants

The rumor that first got our attention is that the P9 will be available with a whopping 6GB of RAM, and we thought that might be hoax. However, the rumors on the smartphone are not just that of the specs anymore, it has now developed into full-fledged reports of variants. 

According to a new report, the Huawei P9 will come in four variants. There have been rumors regarding this company for some time now and it seems it is getting more than its own fare of attention. 

There will be a budget friendly P9 Lite, a higher spec P9 Max, and an unnamed P9 running alongside the standard P9 we have already known. The higher specced P9 has been touted to come with a bigger display and better RAM as well as more internal memory compared to the P9. If you remember from the other rumor we reported about the P9, the P9 Max might also be coming with a dual lens 12 MP rear camera. 

According to the report, the launching of this smartphones will not be during the Mobile World Congress this year. Since the event is coming next month, the phones will definitely not meet the MWC. According to the rumor, the company is said to have decided something closer to March unveiling, as the unveiling might be "several weeks post-MWC" 

The rumor also made a hint at the display of the device saying that none of the four variants will have the popular Qualcomm HD resolution display. The reason for this is that Huawei doesn't think it is wise to produce a phone that will be experience quick power drain because of the screen resolution of the device. 


It seems the company is getting things right after all. If the official announcement confirms this rumor, it means that the company wants to kill two birds with a stone. For those who are already familiar and anticipating the P9 specs, they will be happy when it is unveiled. And those who want an even slimmer version can get their choice too: the P9 Lite. As you probably know, some people will like a bigger screen, a bigger RAM, and even a better battery capacity. This set of people might be fed with the P9 Max, which is touted as the Premium version of the P9.