Why More and More People are Embracing Mid Range Phones?

February 20, 2016 Android Google News Nexus Windows

Why More and More People are Embracing Mid Range Phones

Mid range phone

Unlike before, people have discovered that they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a smartphone that can run the latest apps and has great user experience. There are now mid range phones that can give you so much as good performance, and they are cheaper. 

A few years ago, if you buy a mid range phone, you will discover that the phones performance is nothing short of poor. The CPU may lag behind the interface while simple actions like scrolling webpages may take ages to do. Even displays on such phones are so poor. And the camera is nothing to write home about.

Smartphones for Everybody

There has been a lot of growth from Google Android and Microsoft Windows phones as they produce increasingly mid range phones that people who can’t afford an iPhone are buying. This has actually helped a lot of people as well as these manufacturers.

Microsoft Windows has always run great on low-end phones. And Google focused on running Android on lowe end phones with their Android 4.4 kitkat. Another program by Google is the “Android One” that seeks to provide more Android phones in the under $100 range and Microsoft is doing the same with its lower end Lumia phones.

Because software and hardware for making these phones have become cheaper, there have also been more affordable smartphones resulting in more people buying mid range phones. 

Google’s Nexus Phones

Google’s Nexus phones is also targeting those people who want mid-range phones. Most of the Nexus that Google is outing are available on the market as mid range phones and are getting cheaper, thanks to other budget phones appearing on the market. 

You Don’t Necessarily Have a Bad Experience with a Mid Range Phone 

Before, people are barred from buying this phones because they feel they will experience sub par experience because of the laggy, slow interface in such phones.

But that has changed with the introduction of phones like the Motorola Moto G and people are responding by buying more of these. The Moto G sports a 5” display and while not being the sharpest of display, is better with most people who don’t mind dropping less than $180 for a nice smartphone. There are even more phones that are cheaper than the Moto G. You can get a Moto E, costing less than $130 or go for a Nokia Lumia 520 that goes for less than $100.


We are not recommending you go and buy cheap Lumia or Moto G phones now. We are only reporting what we feel is becoming trendy in the mobile phone industry. Many phones are giving good price performance quality, even “high end” smartphones are becoming relatively mid price.