Smartphone Companies That Will Give Apple a Tough Time This Year

January 31, 2016 Apple Blackberry Google huawei Microsoft News OnePlus Samsung Sony Xiaomi

We have rounded up some of the companies that are going to give Apple Inc. a tough time this year with their newest flagships. Each of this company will have their products reviewed in a separate article, but here, you can find some of their strong points to combat Apple in 2016.

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Huawei is a company that Apple Inc. needs to start looking at. Mobile phone giants like Nokia, Samsung, LG, have become household name. But that is all about that. From what we have seen in the past few years with Huawei, it is fast becoming one of the widely acclaimed smartphone manufacturer.

The advantage this company has over Apple and co is that it develops and designs its own smartphones. It also implements its own mobile networks. It can always come up with a mobile network design that will always make it a winner in the industry, even though mobile carriers modulate the network. Another thing to note is that the company has recently been successful with its latest offerings like the Mate 8 and Nexus 6P. It already has its products available in UK, Canada and a mobile carrier in Canada is looking to upgrade its network using Huawei technology.


Samsung is another smartphone company that has been a top contender for Apple. Although Apple Inc. is still toping the charts as regards its sales worldwide, Samsung has been outing some features that are making users go gaga. According to some testing that was done on features and other things, Samsung was rated above the Apple brand. In terms of the user interface, special features and selection, Apple goes above Apple Inc.

Samsung is also the company that is leading when it comes to offering excellent extras that could make a smartphone worthy of use. From Split-screen multitasking, to pen input, to innovative gestures, to camera modes, Samsung a company you need to watch out for this year.


LG separates itself from other brands with its introduction of Video Wiz and QuickRemote. Although the brand is all too often sidelined, we are looking for a different tactic from the company this year, something that might give Apple Inc. a run for their money. Remember that the Company recently came out with the Nexus 5X that earned it a better place among the contenders.


We suspect that the Google-owned company is going to cause a steer this year. It has been in the sidelines for some times just like LG but with the acquisition by Google and its minions of long battery life smartphones, we expect to see its new flagship giving Apple a run this year.


We know companies come and go. We have seen the likes of Nokia hold the favorite spot for several years before its glory was snatched. What do you think Apple is going to out this year to maintain its spot.