Huawei Might Launch a Dual OS Laptop Running Windows and Android?

January 31, 2016 huawei Rumours

After experiencing much success with the introduction of the Nexus 6P, Mate 8 and Mate S smartphones, Huawei is poised to move its market share to a unique market. 

While it may not be said the company is contemplating on following the Steve Jobs mentality in bringing into the world another iPad generation to catch a market that is still non-existing, we can say the company is close to that. According to rumors we received, the company is working on a laptop, akin to the Microsoft Surface Book, that will be powered by two OS: Android and Windows.

Huawei laptop


Now, there is not very much information on the specification of the laptop. But speculation is bend on the Intel chipset as the choice of processor for the laptop. It is also believed that the laptop will come with a stylus pen to offer users more features and functionality. It is also believed that the laptop will be so designed that it can be used as a tablet with a detachable keyboard as well as a laptop.

Pricing and Available 

At the time of writing this, there is no clear data regarding when the new laptop will surface. However, reports are rife that it will be out this year. Whether it will be early or later this year is, also not know. 

As for the price, it is too earlier to speculate on that. However, you can take with you that this hybrid device will come as a tough competition against the Microsoft Surface. 

Official Statement 

While the Shenzhen based company is yet to release any official statement, reports have reached us that, the company will be introducing its hottest device in the Mobile World Congress in Spain this year. 

In the next couple of months from now, we are going to be seeing a pretty cool competition between Huawei and Xiaomi. Xiaomi has previously come up with a dual OS laptop, the Mi Pad 2, so we are wondering how Huawei will differentiate its device from this competitor. 


Many Huawei fans around the world are already excited about the plan of the smartphone maker. If this report is true, this means that the company is willing to expand its market share above smartphone. Since it is only next to Apple and Samsung in the smartphone share market, this might take the company into the eyes of many fans out there looking for another innovative device to push their creativity to greater heights.