Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors: The Specs, Price, Release Date, and Features

January 26, 2016 Android News Rumours Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note series have been well received by the Samsung fans, which is why they have been so popular. And the latest model, Note 6, is hopefully going to be another favorite for the diehard fans.

Samsung has managed to bring us new designs and give us what we need over the years. The current rumor is pointing to a mid-2016 release of the Samsung galaxy. And we are hitching to know what the brand has in store for us.

Galaxy Note 6

The Note 6 Specs

The specs in the new release are the most important factor. In 2016, we are expecting 3D camera feature, increased megapixels, improved RAM, faster processor, more memory, better battery, stronger surround, and even 4K-screen display. Any smartphone outing in 2016 has to combine majority of these things to impress loyal fans.

According to the rumors, the there will be an improved optical image stabilization on the 30 MP front-facing camera in the Note 6.  And with increase in screen display and power, it is possible that there would be increase in battery capacity too. We may probably be looking at 4200 mAh in this Samsung variant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features

The Note 5 has given us shockproof sensors, optical image stabilization, waterproof surround, dustproof display, fingerprint scanner. We can expect the new flagship to come with all these and maybe even more. The rumor that precedes the release of the Note 5 hinted at a 3D camera element, but the smartphone never made it. Therefore, the rumor is rife this time around, suggesting that the Samsung Note 6 will come with the 3D feature. However, all hands are on deck as we watch Samsung pull it off.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

The Note 6 flagship is expected to be one of the most expensive smartphones in 2016. The price will be well worth it looking at the features the phone is rumored to come with and what you can do with it. In some market around the world, we expect price of the new model to be as much as $1,100.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date

Because Samsung has been consistent in the date of release of its smartphones, it is easy to guess the release date of the Note 6. As consistent with previous release dates, it is possible that the new flagship will be released early September.

Wrapping Up

 2016 may be one of the biggest years for Samsung. The Note 6 is going to lead other three flagships from the company.